2006 Computer Engineering (120p) at Lunds Tekniska Högskola
2004 Science Program

Latest courses

2019 Leading SAFe 4.6 with SA Certification
2018 Coaching personal development
2016 UGL & Kepner Tregoe
2015 .NET Intranet & Ekonomi för icke ekonomer
2014 PMP Certification & The Lazy Project Manager
2013 EPiserver 7 and MVC
2012 PPS & PM3


This is a selection of some of the greatest assignments I’ve been working with during my employment at Skanska

Release Train Engineer 

I currently act as a technical project manager to coordinate multiple deliveries and sprints in the new system (inköpsportalen) a significant tool for Skanska to procure items, tools and more from multiple suppliers.

Service Responsible OneSkanska – 2018 and ongoing

My current role is service responsible/ project and team lead for all development and maintenance of Skanskas Intranet centralized for all 42 000 Skanskas employees with about 20 000 pages and 1000 active editors

Business Analysist – Skanska AB – 2017-2018 and ongoing

I’ve assisted Skanska AB with the work to gather requirements and write business cases for Skanska’s new Graphical Guidelines and platforms for Skanska’s Annual Reports. Along with being there technical lead for several Web Development Projects.

Takeaway: An exciting and demanding task however, for me, a bit lonely, I miss the team work. The assignment has given me a much better insight in the process within Skanska for selecting and going forward with business decisions.

Technical Project Manager Corporate National Webs 2016-2017

The delivery of 11 complete National Websites (i.e. I’ve lead the team from Skanska ITN with the development and all content work. ITN was also responsible to setup all processes to be able to cooperate with multiple external development teams. As a sub project, the entire platform was also moved to Microsoft Azure.

Takeaway: An extreme project with all facets of a large project. I’ve learned really a lot about all parts within the project along with the operations between teams and team members. My greatest takeaway is my deepened knowledge and improved skills at communicating throughout the entire organization.

Skanska Media Bank – Hosting transition and upgrade 2016

I’ve assisted as technical lead and with the internal communication as our third-party company EVRY moved the hosting to their servers. Skanska Media bank, is the platform to manage all Skanska’s approved images and media.

Takeaway: The project, had a lot of issues, and I truly had to deal and learned a lot about managing the communication between EVRY and Skanska. Not fun at the very moment but extremely valuable today.

Technical Project Manager Corporate Group Web 2014 - 2015

Much like the later National Webs but for the site , I led the ITNs team delivery with development, content work and the setup of processes.

This project was a bit more turbulent and lack project manager in some part of the project.

Takeaway: Here I learned that a truly dedicated and committed team really could deliver despite all challenges. I think I proven myself that I could lead even when in harsh conditions.

Technical Project Manager Residential Web 2014-2016

Same role as for national and group web. I led the Skanska ITNs deliveries with content, software development and the setup of development processes including quality assurance and automation of deployments. This project was complexed and divided into multiple different subprojects, making it a somewhat challenging project. The end result: An entire web responsible for marketing every residential apartment for Skanska, a revenue at 13 billion SEK.

Takeaway: My greatest takeaway is the importance at preparation of a web site with focus on the customer experience. But also, the importance of the communication between stakeholders as the project consisted of multiple phases.

Skanska GO -” Onboarding” and Skanska Code of Condutc and more… 2016

I developed a completely new platform for multi-sites hosted in Azure. A new way of manage Skanska’s smaller website like the one for Skanska new employees to find and retrieve information along with their on-boarding program. My part was to tech lead for architecture and lead the development and content work.

Takeaway: Here, I think we could see the future of the web, minimalistic but powerful websites, with the focus on content, quality and performance rather than complex functionalities.

Service Responsible 2013-2017

During most of my employment at Skanska IT my primary role has been as service responsible (project manager, and team lead) for Skanska’s various web sites and platforms. Quit large complex websites with millions of pageviews monthly. Theses site have very high demands regarding development process, quality assurance and support.

Takeaway: As service responsible this have been the main focus and there’s not a single change where the QA isn´t considered. I really think this is the greatest takeaway.

System developer 2011-2013

I started out as a developer at Skanska, I’m still passionate about development. My greatest strength is structure, I love design patterns, clean code and new ways of doing things just a bit better.

Takeaway: As any of you maybe would like to solve a jigsaw puzzle a weekend, I could sometimes create myself a new problem that I solve with some hard-core programming, call me crazy but coding is addicting.


Of course, my family is my primary focus, and the time I don’t spend with them (or work) I spend at sports. I’m very dedicated within the Judo Community both as an athlete and as a referee, coach and trainer for young and adults. And to keep fit, I enjoy endurance sports like triathlon.


Current Technical Project Manager at Skanska IT Nordic Since 2011

As described in some of the assignments above, I’ve been with Skanska since 2011 and been involved in various tasks. I think this is the best with Skanska, to be able to really do a lot of different things if you like to.

System Developer at SOLID Insurances 2006-2011

Main responsibility for a number of core applications. I’m most proud of my tech lead development of the first web solution to sell insurances online in Sweden.

Teacher at Gullstrandsskolans gymnasium 1999-2004

Responsible for several courses with mathematics and computer science. This gave me a great pedagogy platform.

Consultant at Pauert AB 1996-1999

My and college running a small business where we computerized commercial properties and implemented complete IT solutions.

Teacher at Skriv och läs Centrum and Medborgarskolan 1999-2004

At the side, running some basic computer courses (CorelDraw, Linux).



Leader and board member at Ängelholms Judoklubb, national referee for Swedish Judo Federation and board member in the Southern Swedish Judo Federation.

Military service

During 1994 till 1995 I served as group leader for Swedish Engineering forces as an army diver. A physically demanding challenge.

Language and driver’s license

I write and talk Swedish and English fluently. 
I have a driver’s license (B)